The idea behind econsys

Designed for specialist contracting businesses to control and manage core commercial processes, econsys is built upon the premise of best practice and has been developed to directly address real issues which are experienced by real companies.

By bringing together the commercial contracting expertise of Andrew Redfern and the technical expertise of Naveen Prabhu, econsys provides you with a dashboard solution that you can depend on and through analytical reporting and business controls it will help you to better understand how your business is performing – more importantly it will help you to mitigate risk and protect your margins.

Andrew Redfern

Andrew Redfern has worked in the industry since 1996 and now owns Redfern Contract Consultants, a company which he set up in 2002 to specialise in providing commercial support to contracting companies and help them to take control.

Andrew specialises in helping companies to mitigate risk by providing a wide range of support services which include; reviewing proposed contracts; identifying and highlighting risks and assisting or controlling the negotiation of equitable terms. He also provides guidance and support at the Order Acceptance phase to ensure that your projects are commercially managed and controlled well.

Andrew is also an expert in helping companies to drive good commercial practice and has provided numerous training courses and seminars which address the issues of financial and operational performance monitoring.

Naveen Prabhu

Naveen Prabhu is a Director of Quadwave, a global services company that helps clients transform their businesses in the areas of Business Process Management (BPM), Product Development (ProductizeIT), Building and Energy Management and Technology Services (Java, Web, OpenSource and Microsoft).

A Microsoft Gold Certified Partner, Quadwave aims to infuse insight and creativity into technology to drive innovation and to help clients navigate complex business problems. Naveen has over 22 years of experience in software development and now heads Quadwave’s UK operation.