Getting Started

Getting started with econsys is easy and with six simple steps you can control and manage end to end commercial processes with one SaaS platform.

> Step 1

The first step is all about getting to know the product, understanding how it works and the features and tools which set it apart from other products. Our team will cover all of this in a detailed presentation which show you the benefits it could bring to your business. Get in touch now to arrange your visit - Click Here. 

> Step 2

Now that you know the benefits which econsys can deliver for your business, it’s time to start talking about the process of going live, the timescales and who will be your user champions.

> Step 3

This is where we really get down to business with the discovery, configuration and implementation of econsys. At this stage we will be carrying out a number of steps which will make econsys work for your business:

  • Allocate users and user roles
  • Site visits to introduce and walk through the econsys standard process
  • Identify any changes/deviations to task allocations 
  • Document the changes/deviations and populate the business rules and drop downs
  • Create the implementation plan
  • Creation of a sub-domain
  • Data updates based on the configuration document

> Step 4

By the time we get to this stage, econsys is nearly ready for your business and we will be rolling it out for acceptance testing and application training for your team. Some of the things we will be doing are:

  • Walk through and application training for all users
  • Approval to go-live for Acceptance Period
  • Go-live to Acceptance Period
  • Site visit at completion of Acceptance Period

> Step 5

Integration with existing third-party software is a fundamental part of econsys and this will be discussed and implemented on a user by user basis to ensure it is a unique solution for your business.

> Step 6

Go-Live – econsys is now ready to be adopted throughout your business.