The idea behind econsys

Designed for specialist contracting businesses to control and manage core commercial processes, econsys is built upon the premise of best practice and has been developed to directly address real issues which are experienced by real companies.

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Drive co-operation within your business

Commercial risk management and contracting good practice – digital, automated assistance in order to manage your business.
From the initial enquiry to the release of the final retention payment, econsys has is covered. Specifically designed for contracting companies to provide intelligent, inherent and integrated business management and control.
Realtime sales activity visibility, structured, good practice order acceptance, flexible and user-configurable business rules, planning and forecasting, variation management, application and invoice control, project delivery status – it’s all in here.
Digital corporate governance for the SME contracting sector, capability that only large organisations used to hold is now available to you. Transform your business today, for a more secure tomorrow.