Features & Tools

Transparency across your business

econsys is a SaaS platform hosted on the cloud providing commercial management good practice governance, in-built automated risk management and compliance.

Designed for specialist contracting businesses to control and manage end to end core commercial processes, econsys is built upon the premise of best practice and has been developed to directly address real issues and concerns experienced by real companies.


Key Features

  • Capture and monitor lead data
  • Capture/upload enquiry data
  • Monitoring and alerts based on bid preparation and submission deadlines
  • Sales personnel allocation function
  • Option to integrate with estimating toolOutput of standard quote production
  • Auto bid/no bid/review bid business rules
  • Targeted engineering and/or commercial review of quotes prior to submission
  • Quote and revised quote upload and data capture
  • Pre-order meeting planning and recording
  • Live submitted quote updates, win probability, anticipated order date reporting and analytics
  • Live pipeline forecasting info
  • Sales snapshot, historical reporting and analytical insight reporting pack across all data (eg: personnel, product, client, consultant, location, etc)


Key Features

  • Structured good commercial practice workflow for review of client commitments and company acceptance.
  • Provides company commercial and contractual protection
  • Control of permission to commence 
  • Structured good practice process for sales to provide handover information and documentation, fully editable to suit your business
  • Payment terms identified and key dates established and captured – alerts to key personnel when invoices or applications are due to be sent and when pay certs and payments are due
  • Schedule of rates and draft payment request prompts
  • Key commercial agreements captured and tracked to close out – warranties, retention, handover protocols
  • Allocation of key staff


Key Features

  • Receipt protocol from sales of handover information and documentation, fully editable to suit your business 
  • Allocation of key staff
  • Creation and approval of baseline delivery plan and KPI's 
  • Interim delivery plan review presentation and approval escalation
  • Cost and value reporting – interfacing to accounts package
  • Change management control
  • Delivery progress reporting
  • Cost and resource actual to date and planned to come forecast
  • Payment request management and control
  • Cash monitoring
  • External and internal project reporting templates
  • Structured project practical completion process


Key features

  • Structured project practical completion process
  • Capture of project financials at PC and tracking during liability/warranty period
  • Retention monitoring and prompts/alerts
  • Configurable end of project task capture (eg: O&M submission/upload, final account settlement, sub co-account settlement, PC confirmation)
  • Personnel reallocation management
  • Defect and call back monitoring
  • Lessons learned 
  • Final project closure process